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DECEMBER 3, 4, 10 + 11

​Rusty Fly Artist

Peter Sheppard Fine Art Studio

in Kennebunkport

landscape paintings, oil paintings for sale

My paintings tell some of the stories of my life.  Experiences I've had that have left an impression on me.  I attempt to capture the essence of the experience with oil paint on canvas-- through subject, composition, and color.  

I am inspired by nature.  I've lived both by the ocean and in the mountains, and have traveled the globe in pursuit of catching and releasing beautiful fish and taking in their surroundings.  


I grew up in coastal Massachusetts, where my father introduced me to

fishing and the outdoors.  I learned early to respect nature and appreciate

its beauty.  My father was not only an outdoorsman but also an avid

collector of sporting art, and I grew up admiring and eventually studying

the works of great sporting artists such as Ogden Pleissner, Brett Smith,

Michael Stidham, and Luke Frazier.   I also found inspiration from past

masters, such as Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet, and
 Andrew Wyeth.

Since attending college in Gunnison, Colorado, I've been intimately involved

with nature.  After obtaining my U.S. Coast Guard certified Captain's License,

I started my own guiding service, Rusty Fly Fishing Charters, in 1998, dividing

my time between the waters of Key West and Nantucket.  A committed conservationist, I've always promoted the philosophy of catch and 
release.  I've traveled extensively, fishing and hunting (or tasting wine out of barrel) in order to renew my awe and cultivate my appreciation for nature's beauty -- the beauty I seek to capture on canvas.

I met my partner and wife, Leslie, on Nantucket Island.  It was a busy.  We were both entrepreneurs, owning and operating our businesses.  Mine was fly-fishing and sight-fishing charters, and Leslie's was a boutique wine and cheese shop (The Cellar).  ​Our lives changed a lot when we started our family and I found myself wanting to spend more time on canvas than guiding.  We moved the family to our Teton cabin, trading the vistas of the ocean for the majestic peaks of the northern Rockies.  I developed relationships with more artisans and expanded my gallery presence. We lived in Idaho for three years and loved it, but found it felt too far from our roots and family and ultimately we decided to move back east to be closer.  

We looked for a spot that would make sense for an art gallery, and Kennebunkport seemed ideal.  I vacationed here in my youth and as it happens, I've always had a connection to this place.

THE present STORY

RUSTY FLY GALLERY & GIFT was born-- bringing together my story of guiding fishing clients in Key West and Nantucket for nearly 20 years-- the story told through my paintings of the sea, fishing trips, portraits, and other inspirational subjects.  The story continues with other artwork in the gallery- sculpture, jewelry, textiles, and prints.  I am honored to represent some extraordinarily talented colleagues.   

​Though primarily self-taught, I've painted with several well-known contemporary artists.   I've always relied only upon my free hand for
drawing and painting to compose and complete my work.  Working primarily in water-soluble oils, I've also utilized watercolors and pen and ink to create my art.